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August 30, 2016 / khawjaimtiazalam

The Aghan Conundrum

The Afghan Conundrum

Gen Hamid Gul will be immensely missed. The Architect behind the Afghan war. The only person who could have brokered a Peace Deal in Afghanistan. Alas! The Govt kept him in the background fearing that he would become a Hero, which he already is. The West never want the Afghan Taliban the true successors to Kabul to be at the Helm of Affairs. They need a puppet Govt to follow their Agenda and carry out a Proxy war from Afghan Soil.
One day the Afghan Taliban will be at the Helm of Affairs in Kabul. We want a friend not an enemy. We must choose now. Things are going out of hand. The USA & NATO are an Occupational Army. They invaded Afghanistan without any moral grounds. The Taliban(Mullah Umar’s Army) are waging a war of Liberation. As Muslims we have to support their just cause. We must help them in kicking out the US & its Allies. All the Terrorist activities in Pakistan emanate from Afghanistan with the blessing of CIA, Mossad & RAW. These Terrorists who carry out attacks in Pakistan are given shelter in Afghanistan by the Afghan Govt & the US led Allies. The moment they vacate Afghanistan all bombings will stop in Pakistan because they will have no place to hide.


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