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April 27, 2016 / khawjaimtiazalam

The Afghan Dilemma


It is ironical that our Foreign Policy towards Afghanistan is still not defined. The Billion Dollar question is whether we support the Afghan Taliban who are fighting for the Liberation of Afghanistan or the puppet Govt of Karzai & now Ghani set up under the Umbrella of the US supported by the ISAF on ground.
During the time of Musharraf who bent backwards to support the West the Mantra was always “Do More” and still is. The other allegation was that Mr.Musharraf was having a Dual Policy. Receiving money to fight the Taliban & also supporting Mullah Umar. We have to be very clear whom we want to support.
From a Diplomacy/Military Standpoint & seeing the Role the Taliban have to play in the future of Afghanistan our choice must be very clear. Not supporting the Afghan Taliban has very deep ramifications.
1. The Taliban who are Pashtoons form nearly 52% of the Afghan population. The rest are a mixture of Ethnic Groups.
2. The Afghan Taliban have a right to be sitting in Kabul & part of any Govt.
3. Towards this end their War will continue till they throw out the Aggressor.
4. The ISAF has to leave Afghanistan lock stock & barrel very soon or their Economies will go bankrupt. Some have already left the Group.
5. The Afghan Taliban will then Triumph & enter Kabul.
6. Our support should be with them right from now .
7. With them in kabul with our support we will be able to finish the Hegemony of India & US who are carrying out Terrorists activities from our backyard & using Afghan soil for this purpose.
8. It will also root out the TTP which has the sponsorship of the present Govt.
9. In other words Terrorists activities in Pakistan will only stop once the Afghan Taliban are at the helm of affairs or lets say a Pro Pakistan Govt.
10. Lets not fall into America’s trap by going after the Haqqani Group who are giving the treacherous Americans a bloody nose.They are our saviours.
11. Do not forget “The Salala Tragedy”
12. The main objective of the Western World is to go after our Nukes. Allah SWT has protected it. The Afghan Taliban have not allowed them to put their boots on the ground.
13. You still feel that they are trust worthy & so goes for the Puppet Govt in Kabul.


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