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February 8, 2016 / khawjaimtiazalam


We are in a State of War from External & Internal Sources. The Enemy is striking us within to destabilize the Country and Externally preparing grounds to set foot to destroy our Nuclear Sites or take Control of it. The means are Terrorist activities, Abetting & Facilitating Corruption, Loot & Plunder. Creating situations like the present PIA Fiasco. All those Organizations & Parties who join in this Nefarious Design are nothing less than Fifth Columnist. The Govt on the other hand is showing shortsightedness in handling such affairs including the Pathankot Affair. The failure of the Govt to check the Bomb Blasts shows there dire inefficiency & ineptness to handle the Security Situation. 

On the Foreign Policy towards Afghanistan they have failed to stop them from providing Safe Haven’s to Terrorists(TTP) and use their soil for Proxy Wars against Pakistan.
The Iranian Lobby to woe the Chinese for the Chabahar Port away from Gwadar due to the present Security situation and the Political stand Off from some Political parties may force the Chinese to look the other way. It would be a calamity to not be part of this 600 Billion Dollar Project.
The present State of Affairs is like “A Rudderless Ship”. Who will rise to the occasion.
It is for the Judiciary to come to the Aid of this beleaguered nation. Strike down this Govt and place a Care taker Govt whose Mandate will be to:-

1. Stop the Corruption, loot & Plunder.
2. Swift Justice to these Criminals.
3. A Pro Active Foreign Policy.
4. End of Discrimination in all Fields of Life. Especially applies to Tax Reforms where all to be taxed across the Board and no Tax Holidays.
5. Carrying out Census.
6. Delimitation.
7. Set the Voters Record Straight.
8. Introduction of Article 58 2(b) to dissolve the National Assembly.
9. Finally Transparent Elections.

Invoke Article 190 of the Constitution to Implement the above within a Timeframe laid down by the Judiciary.

The above is in no way a final document. It will need hard work, brainstorming and above all a group of patriotic Citizen’s to do the job.


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