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February 8, 2016 / khawjaimtiazalam


PIA is a lost cause. A white Elephant. Burden on the Tax Payer. From the Top to the bottom Employees having a Ball of a time . Result Bankruptcy. Those Politicians and Parties against it should bear the Budget Deficit. They are all Hypocrites. Political Mileage.

The PIA Employees need to be sacked. They have been looting &Plundering the Airline for Decades because they were sure to get the Deficit from the Govt year in and year out. All Rhetoric from the PIA side as they don’t have any Road Map. Are they ready to Downsize immediately and bring the ratio to 1:150 (Ac versus Manpower) for starters. Stop the free Dole Outs. No Pension & Medical after Retirement. These initial measures might stop the downslide. I could give a Road Map. The worst part is that thousands of passengers are suffering at their cost.

Likewise all other entities which are going in loss must be Privatised or shut down. Those against privatization should Fund the Airline from their coffers. They are in such a mess that unless an immediate surgical operation is not carried out they are not in a position to pay their debt servicing to the the Banks monthly. They also have to have a Full or near Full occupancy in the Flights. As a Nation we are fed of giving such Organizations subsidizes year in and year out. They get it so they are least pushed about the performance of their Organizations. The way out is to negotiate the best possible deal and get back to work fast. Last but not the least , their Liabilities are more than their Assets.


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