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May 25, 2015 / khawjaimtiazalam

The Bottom Line

Bottom Liners. Nawaz & Zardari two sides of the same coin. TTP & US two sides of the same coin. NAB & Corruption two sides of the same coin. No end to Terrorism in Pakistan unless Axis of Evil CIA, RAW & MOIS (Iran’s Intl Agency)thrown out of Afghanistan. No end to Peace in Afghanistan & Region unless Afghan Taliban is part of Afghan Govt. No end to target killings in Karachi unless Governor’s Rule is enforced & across the Board action is taken. No Peace & Development in Pakistan unless Fresh & Transparent Elections are held.after sorting out the Corrupt by a By Partisan Caretaker Govt. Nuclear Iran is a threat to the World. Iran, Syria & Iraq Axis a threat to the World especially the KSA. Energy crisis can only be over if we start building Dams ( especially Kalabagh Dam) Solar & Wind Energy. Access to clean & cheap Energy. We cannot progress unless we have an Honest Judiciary. Nobody is above the Law. We cannot get rid of Debts unless all citizens who earn above 3.5 Lacs pay Taxes across the Board. No , I mean No concessions. We cannot be a True Islamic Society unless the Rich do not share their Wealth. No 1 through “Zakat”. We can only stand up to the Machinations of the West if the Islamic Ummah is like one “Body”. “And Allah knows best”.


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