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January 9, 2015 / khawjaimtiazalam

The Road Map against Terrorism

The Road Ahead

Now that the Judicial process has been taken care off to dispense with the terrorists in the Mil Courts a lot has to be done to ensure that they are denied access to any target especially soft ones like Schools, Hospitals, Sunday Baazar’s, Downtown Markets, Jails, Post Offices, Courts, Parks, Police Stations, CMH’s , Malls’s, CSD’s, Petrol Pumps and many more. To prevent the Terrorists to achieve their goals the Govt must follow an Active & Passive Policy. It must clearly lay down the guidelines and a Road map to follow. I shall dwell on it in my next Post.

The Road Map.

I will first dilate on the passive measures to be taken in KP in particular & in general in other Provinces.

To disrupt/destroy its target the Terrorists needs to recruit volunteers, gunpowder & destructive material for the blast may it be remote controlled or by a suicide bomber. We need to do the following to neutralize it with the minimum of damage to life & property. I will identify the steps to be taken by the Govt ‘s various agencies.

a. We must make it difficult for the Terrorists to access or buy the material required for the bomb.
1. All Manufacturers of Explosives must be immediately monitored.
2. Records checked to ascertain who all have been purchasing Explosives &
for what purpose & in what quantity. Whether sale Legit or not.
3. This scrutiny will give some clue regarding them.
4.Those deemed suspicious/spurious must be first on the list for survey.
5. Spurious Manufacturers can also give us a clue regarding their facilitation.
6. All Inspector Explosives background must be thoroughly checked. They are
the first source through which Terrorists receive Explosives.
7. Forensic of Inspectors Mobile will also give you a picture.
8. Records of Purchasers & Forensic of their mobiles will again give clue to a
shady deal.
b. Remember these are just some of the measures more vigilance, spot checks & an awareness program can identify the Terrorists & facilitators. We have to go for the source.
c. Next comes the material used inside the bomb for destruction. Nails, pellets etc. the source till the retail customer a strict regimen of record regarding each customer must be available. He must state the purpose of his purchase. All those responsible for Manufacture & Sale must be under strict scrutiny. Un-registered & spurious shop owners must be extinct. Limit the number of Sale points for ease of checking. Use of IT will be a great help.
d. Arms & Ammunition- This very important tool for the Terrorists must be made restricted. Records, Records & Records.
e. Communication. All communication in the Air must be monitored to get Intel. Even today it is easier to purchase Mobile sets on fictitious CNIC. The Mobile Companies must provide info in record time. They must now check out each and every SIM issued for authenticity with the help of NADRA.
f. Bullet Proof Jacket- By now the Agencies must be in the knowledge as to who all are supplying jackets to the Terrorists. If we have proof of the country where it was made then they can be confronted with and asked as who had purchased it. Rest assured they will not own it. Make sure that it is difficult for them to purchase from Intl or Local markets.
g. Last but not the least is the Transport- This is a very important tool for the Terrorists to penetrate. Check it before it can enter the City with the perpetrators. My wish would be that all types of vehs are Registered in the Country & a Data Base available to check the veh for theft & the Owners name which tells you something about the Owner. I suggest that all info regarding a CNIC card Holder must be available in the CNIC Data Base for Agencies to know whether he has ever committed a crime or what his affiliations are & much more.

Know your Enemy.

a. The first step is to ensure that he does not reach the Target.
b. The soft underbelly of KP is Peshawar.
c. We must prevent him from entering the city. Its sits in the Peshawar valley with
mountains all around.
d. The good point is that the city is beyond Firearms range from the mountain tops
otherwise havoc would have been let loose.
e. We must guard these ridges with locally made Drones fitted with cameras.
f. Minimum of two Security Perimeters around the City from all points leading to the City. Here we must check the entry of the Terrorist who might be a suicide bomber or carrying a device to be remotely blown or a veh full of explosives. The Agencies must use the resources of IT to profile each veh and passenger if found doubtful or a man on foot. They must use their imagination as to how to go about causing minimum damage if the bomber or the ex[plosive is prematurely detonated.

In the event the Terrorists slip by we take the fol measures.

a. Community watch & Awareness program for citizens.
b. Any shady character must be reported to the nearest PS or through a Helpline for this purpose. Just like 1122 it must have multiple lines to immediately connect & receive information.
c. Tenants, Suppliers of merchandise & those receiving them must be profiled. We should have learnt a lesson from Peshawar Tragedy. It was an inside job.
d. Look out for such Facilitators.
e. Right from the Mohalla to the District a community watch awareness program must be disseminated through Print & Electronic Media.
f. Check Posts to check every individuals Identity. Must be done with some Intelligence & Logic like we these days where lines & lines of vehs pile up. Different lanes for vehs & pedestrians.
g. It is inconvenient at times but we must make it work to catch him before he can reach his target.
h. CCTV camera’s must be embedded at all Entry & Exit points apart from other sensitive places.
i. Last but not the least. Security of the soft Targets. A well chalked out SOP. You must see the enemy he must not see you.

The key to this self preserevation lies with the Police. Among them there will be lots of Black Sheep. You need to weed them out through Forensics, Style of living, feedback from neighbors. Induct Officers from the Police Academy as SHO’s.

More to follow in my next Post In Sha Allah.


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