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November 25, 2013 / khawjaimtiazalam

Exit ISAF from Afghanistan

My Version- Exit ISAF from Afghanistan

The signing of the Iranian Deal has certainly turned the tables in favor of the US vis a vis a Safe Exit from Afghanistan.
1. The US has realized that for a safe Exit it cannot rely on a negotiated Dialogue with Mullah Umar’s Taliban. They do not want to leave Afghanistan without securing their assets. Karzai is not the answer to their problems.
2. They have to put Plan B into Operation. It calls for a Deal with Iran who will guarantee their Safe Exit knowing fully well Iran’s Aberration/ Abhorration with the Taliban.
3. The US has succeeded in convincing the Iranian’s to this Deal. It is an Economic Relief for Iran and to ensure that they do not have the Mullah Umar’s Taliban as their neighbor’s.
4. Pakistan has a very difficult Plan of action. The present Govt is at least clear on one count that they cannot displease their Masters the “US” contrary to popular sentiments. It has also paved the way for the Iranian Gas pipeline which the Govt feels is the answer to the their woes regarding Electricity & the supply of Gas to the populace. Now the paradox is whether they tow Iran’s line or strengthen Mullah Umar’s hand for the regain Kabul. The choice is a very difficult one under the present circumstances when the Govt needs Dollars from the US & Gas from Iran to survive.
5. In the Final Analysis the Government of Pakistan must throw in their lot with Mullah Umar to save itself from further Terrorist activities and a possible Proxy War this time the Nexus being India,Iran & Afghanistan.
6. It has to install Mullah Umar in Afghanistan.


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