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February 13, 2013 / khawjaimtiazalam



I totally agree with the writer Anjum Niaz in a recent Article   “Chess is 99 percent tactics”.. Mr.Zardari is a Grand Master. Going by the Metaphor “You have got to give the Devil his due share”.I said it earlier that poor Shakespeare must be turning in is grave.The Bhutto Family are par excellence Dramatists. They go one step further. Not only do they write the script but also play it out. Mr.Zardari is a quick learner & he has outdone & outshone the “Bhutto’s”. All are like pygmies in front of him. The Hon’able Justice’s included.. He first got everyone together under the banner of ‘Reconciliation”. They hastily joined his bandwagon to escape from their previous corrupt practices. and also collect a few extra perks.
The PML-N Chief fell hook line & sinker. Not only did he get him voted into the Presidency but with a thumping Majority & Consensus. His Party then joined the Government. A first Quid Pro.

When Nawaz talked about the implementation of the COD he fooled him not once but thrice. Going by the Islamic acronym ” A Momin cannot be stung twice”, Nawaz failed the test miserably. He belies  this axiom  ” You can fool them once, You can fool them twice but you can’t fool them all the time. Finally he was able to get the endorsement of becoming a PM thrice.The PML-N actually never did try to checkmate the President. The Friendly Opposition will stick to the end. Nawaz did not want his brother to give up the CM’s Chair. After all what the heck, you get to fly the Flag with siren’s wailing all around and well the perks are also there. The tactic restrain was “You scratch my back and I scratch yours”. Let the Punjab Govt run & I will not destabilize you in the Centre. Let the people of Pakistan go to Hell. Corruption, Nepotism, Loot & Plunder, Drone Attacks, Target killings, Inflation, Terrorist Attacks etc etc.
One of his biggest blunders is that he could not unite the different Parties for a Joint Opposition.Failed to unite the PML Factions because of his personal EGO. Could’nt get Moulana Diesel on his side. One of the easiest task. The other Tactical blunder was that he let the PPP take over the Senate. The coming years will tell us where we stand..

Having Checkmated his most strongest Adversary Mr.Zardari then put his Plan into action to Checkmate the Judiciary. At the appropriate time when he felt that Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had to be restored he allowed the Pliant PM to issue an Executive Order. Now began the real Game. At every turn & corner he has been able to check the Judiciary , Gain Time & put it on the Defensive. The use of the Media has been excellent..

On the other hand the Judiciary has been playing in a manner to just avoid a checkmate. It has held on by reserving Judgement on important Issues and allowed the Govt Space. It is using the NRO Verdict to thwart the Final Check by the King. It is silent on the matter of Immunity to the President. Any student of Law when going through the Constitution of Pakistan will come to Article 227 & pause. & start to think. Does the Islamic Injunctions allow the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to be above the Law. It is a pity that my letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan on the Issue of Immunity was not entertained as a Petition. Posted on my Facebook. When the matter pertained to the Judiciary the Contempt law was immediately overturned. The people of Pakistan are tired of waiting. There lives have become Hell. They looked up to the Judiciary but it has failed them. The only Silver Lining to hem is a Martkial Law. A quick fix.

I am still convinced that under Article 227 the President cannot enjoy any Immunity. It is plain & simple. If we profess to be an Islamic Republic of Pakistan then the President has to come before the Dock. Take away his IMMUNITY & you can call it a “CHECKMATE”.


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