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November 28, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Nuclear Iran not in the Interest of Pakistan

I agree with the writer. Iran is an Ideological State with a predominant Shia majority. Its Ideology is in conflict with the Islamic Ideology of other Sunni States. Saudi Arabia has not made any bones about it. Iran continues to threaten the Kingdom and bring about strife to the Holiest of all Muslim shrines where nearly 2.5 million Muslims undoubtedly Sunni’s go for the Hajj , one of the Pillars of Islam.
Iran is like an Island surrounded by Ideological Sunni States. It feels threatened by the Islamic Resurgence especially in Afghanistan.It is afraid that with passage of time the moderates will take over. It is overbearing when it comes to supporting Shia factions in other Muslin States. The month of Muharram is when it shows its muscle by supporting Shia organizations all around the World in taking out Processions etc. In Pakistan itself we remain shutdown for ten days. The 9th & 10th Muharram the State is taken over by them.
Unfortunately those who talk about Wahabism etc have no knowledge of what they themselves are following.
The writer has correctly pointed out that a nuclear Iran is not in Pakistan’s interests. Considering that Iran’s regional interests do not align with those of Pakistan, a nuclear Iran has serious implications of greater belligerent behaviour, regional hegemony and bullying. Even though Pakistan is a nuclear state and any nuclear aggression towards us will be deterred, it would immensely reduce our leverage in relations with Iran—if any.
In case of a conflict with Iran & Saudia Arabia Pakistan will certainly fall with the lot of Saudi’s and will be drawn in a Nuclear War.The present Govt is planning to help Iran in its Nuclear Program which will be a great mistake.


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