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November 6, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Viewpoint on Afghanistan

Viewpoint on Afghanistan

The largest Ethnic Group are the Pashtuns. Presently the Govt is run by Karzai with support of the Northern Alliance(Hazara) Tajiks & Uzbeks. It is propped up by the ISAF. The moment they leave the Pushtuns lead by Mullah over will take over. The band led by Karzai is a Rabid Band who are Anti-Pakistan because of our support to Mullah Umar. There is an Ethnic divide of Shia and Sunni also.
We are just supporting the Freedom Fighters who are trying to liberate their Land from the Illegal War thrust by the US for its own Strategic Aims. Just like Iraq was a Lie so was 9/11 Orchestrated to get into Afghanistan. The ISAF are losing the battle. The Mujahideen fighters hit and run and some of them come back to their Homes in FATA. The Americans want us to take on our Muslim brethren who are fighting a War of Liberation.
On the other hand the US Team CIA along with RAW & Mossad are using Mercenaries like Fazlullah to conduct Terrorists activities to create conditions for Boots on the Ground & the eventual takeover of Nuclear Assets which is the Ultimate Goal.
In fighting the War for the Americans we have lost Soldiers,Innocent Civilians and antagonized our brothers in FATA..Peace will only come once the ISAF leave Afghanistan in Totality.


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