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October 14, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

The Malala Tragedy

The Malala Tragedy. An Orchestrated Drama by the US & its Allies using Mercenaries like Fazlullah to achieve the following objectives:-

a. Grounds for pushing Pakistan to start Operations in North Waziristan. The talk already initiated by Govt spokesman Mr.Rehman Mallik. Commit the Pakistan Army in a New Theater of War.
b. To bring bad name to the Clergy.
c. Discredit Mullah Umar’s Taliban fighting a War of Liberation against the Occupational Forces in Afghanistan.
d. Using the Media Hype to Bring about a Secular Mindset in Pakistan. Liberal , No holds barred.
e. Projecting an Image to the World that Women in Pakistan are denied Education & treated in a barbaric & downtrodden manner. The purported flogging of a woman in Swat & many such stories of Vani etc.
f. Eventually create more acts of Terrorism & Target Killings, creating chaotic conditions to find an excuse to take over our Nukes.
g. A Pliant Government like the PPP & its Allies to toe their Line.
h. Serving Indian Interests by making Pakistan Internally weak to achieve their Hegemonic designs.

The answer lies in the following steps if taken by the people of Pakistan.

a. This US backed Govt must go. Petition to be filed against Immunity to the President (Article 227)
b. Petition to filed for the Dissolution of the Assemblies as this Government has failed to Govern. A case Study of Balochistan. So is the same in Sind & KP. Punjab is not far behind. Nepotism, Corruption, Loot & Plunder, No Safety of Life & Property of Citizens.
c. An Interim Govt appointed by the SC with the following Mandate:-
1. A proactive NAB.
2. A proactive ECP. Eliminate the corrupt Politicians, Transparent Voters List. Vote
only with CNIC.
3. Economic Overhaul. Catch the thieves. First remove the corrupt in FBR. Plain level
Field for Tax Collection.No Discrimination. All equal under the Law.
4. Every Citizen earning over 4 Lacs to come in the Tax Net. Stringent
punishment. Document the Economy. Bring in the Looted Wealth from Abroad.
5.De-Politicize the Police. Across the Board action in Sindh & Balochistan against
Target Killers.
6. No to Drones. Lobby for a collective voice in the OIC & UN.
7. ISAF must leave Afghanistan at the earliest.Afghanistan is the bottomless pit
where all Terrorists activities & Plans are hatched by RAW,MOSSAD & CIA for one
singular purpose to to destabilize Pakistan to get our Nukes.

I am sure that a group of sincere & dedicated Pakistani’s can get us off the present Mess with Allah’s blessing & Grace.


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