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April 24, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Breaking News

Breaking News
D-Day 26 April 2012. Lets create History. Sitting PM declared a convict & thrown in Jail. Senate,NA & PA ‘s dissolved being Un-Constitutional after the Historic Judgement against the NRO in Dec 2009. President’s Election Ultra Virus. Court nominates an Interim President to take over the reigns and prepare for a Trnsparent Election after the following acts.
a. Electoral Rolls in the line of CNIC’s. Checked & rechecked for authenticity.
b. Appoint Chairman NAB(Recommendation of SC). Suggested name JUstice Ramdhay to go after the Corrupt lot and throw behinf bars and recover looted money.
c. Appoint an imparial & a person of Integrity as Chairman ECP(Recommendation of SC).
d. Tax all & Sundry. All earning above 300,000.00, as in the case of Salaried Employees.
e. Clear the Circular Debt through looted money & finishing Party Oriented Programs like Benazir Support etc.
f. Ask the Swiss Govt to return money deposited through laundering by Pakistani’s .
g. On the Foreign Policy side ask the US to vacate Afghanistan.Occupatin Forces.
h. Support the War of Liberation by Mullah Umar.
h. Recognize the Legit Govt of Mullah Umar.

I am sure some of these steps will ease the situation till Elections.
It will put an end to the Terrorists activities in Pakistan.


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