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April 23, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

An Analysis of things to come

Assalam O Alaikum,

Here’s the Scenario.

a. No Elections till Mar 2013
b. A bloated Budget to appease the People.Increase in Salaries,Pensions,EOBI, & BBSP.Loans to Students & jobless.
c. Less Load shedding during this Summer by cashing in on Fuel, Electricity Prices, Loans, Use of Development Budget(PSDP),
Printing Notes & Milking the robust Govt Organizations to pay the Circular Debt.People heave a sigh of Relief.
d. Sacrifice PM if need be. Appoint another PM use Tactics to gain time to thwart the Judiciary.
e. Use the Parliament to change the Contempt Law or throw it out.
f. Appoint a CJ of one’s choice.
g. Appoint the COAS of one’s choice.
h. Appoint Mr.Zardari for a second Term before the Dissolution of this Parliament
i. Utility Stores will be used to supply subsidized Food to Jiyalas through Ration Cards.
j. With the Circular Debt paid Gas Load shedding will also decrease.
k.The Vote Bank of the PPP will remain the same, might even increase while the rest of the votes divided between PTI, PML-
N,Jamaat e Islami, JUI-F & the rest.
l. In any Triangular fight the PPP will emerge victorious.
m. PPP will also take Punjab. Succeeded in duping the PML-N to govern Punjab & earning a bad name. The recent Doctor’s
Strike, Dengue, Lab Top etc. And finally the Tag of Friendly Opposition.
n. Money will make the Mare go.
o. People not pushed as they are not starving. Making both ends meet by hook or by crook.
p. No one to lead them give directions.
q. All cards will be used by the PPP.
r. Elections not Transparent. By signing the 20th Amendment Nawaz signed his own Death Warrant.
s. All Interim CM’s PM will be a Jiyala.
t. Army will be kept busy on the Borders.
u. Army will have no Role to Play in the Elections.
v. PPP in the Driving Seat for another 5 years.
w. Chairman ECP of PPP/PML-N

So you see if don’t do something this is what will happen. IK (Mr.Niro) will keep on playing the Fiddle while the PPP will Make Hay while the Sun shines. Tsunami is a shadow he is chasing.

I keep on writing because I feel for my Country. You are my hope. You are the one who can light the match. May Allah be with the people of Pakistan. Forgive them for their wrong doings. Ameen.

Bon Voyage Amigo.

Best of Luck.

Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)


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