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April 7, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Handling the present Crisis

Handling the present Crisis

Under the present scenario where there is organized corruption, looting &
plunder, where the writ of the Govt is not exercised to uphold the law, where
the worst type of Governance is in place, where the bureaucracy & the Law
enforcing Agencies are politicized, where there are target killings and the
spate of suicide bombings are a routine affair, the people of Pakistan have only
the Army to look up to.

In the Public’s assessment the Politicians have once again miserably failed
to come up to their expectations and lead Pakistan to a path of stability &
progress. It is not the correct choice as many of its detractors will point out.
The symphony and paranoia of the defenders of the present system will argue
that Democracy will be derailed. Lets briefly take a peep into history.

With its inception as an Independent & sovereign State of Pakistan it was
hurled into a quagmire of problems which included the annexation of Kashmir
by India leading to a war between a neighbour three times its size and
equipped with far superior resources. Pakistan’s Economic legacy as compared
to India was poor. It had to tackle the ever growing problem of refugees
with limited resources. The people of Pakistan & its Leaders stood up to the

This was its beginning. Surfacing out from the above problems it went into a
Political crisis of its own making with the sacking of the Nazimuddin Govt by
Mr.Ghulam Muhammad the then psychotic Governor General of Pakistan. The
political arena was a battlefield with everyone vying for a lucrative position.
The nascent State of Pakistan was heading towards a prediction made by
many of its cynics that she would very soon collapse and again become part
of the Indian Republic. It was hurtling towards chaos. The situation was not

It was at this stage that FM Ayub Khan stepped in. What followed is History.
Democracy or no Democracy Pakistan was lifted out its pitiful condition and
occupied a proud place in the comity of Nations. It was certainly a better
display of Governance than our Politician friends. Time & again our politicians
have failed to display the maturity, statesmanship and the rudiments of good
governance. Every time they came to power they have resorted to looting &
robbing the Exchequer as if it would be their last chance to govern. Looking at
the lot today you find them lacking in character, grooming, bereft of norms
& social values and above all to honour a true Islamic Society & State as

embodied in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We are once
again at the same crossroad of History as was in 1956 but this time it is more
tragic and heart rendering.

I do not want to dilate on what took place before this Govt came into power
and the reasons of the Army’s taking over the reigns successively as my main
aim is to deliberate on the options available to get out of this impasse.

Shaheen Sehbai’s article of 25 July and Gen Mirza’s assertion alongwith
a number of Bureaucrats, Technocrats & clean politicians that the Army
intervene without laying down a modus operandi and no clear direction from
Mr.Sehbai except a broad framework as to “How should the Army handle the
free fall”, has led me to pen down some line of action in my humble capacity as
a responsible citizen of Pakistan. The options are outlined below:-

A Military takeover or Coup is out of the question.
Do it the Legal way. Hit them with petitions to disqualify the President &
other members of Parliament. Notwithstanding the fact that the President
& others enjoy immunity vide Article 248 it is very clear to every citizen
that nobody is above the Law. You cannot have a different set of Rules
for the rich & poor, the powerful & the weak. This very fact is ingrained
in the Principles of Islam. Being an Islamic Republic Article 227 reflects
the dichotomy in the purported Immunity being given to the President.
Once the immunity is taken away the President stands to be disqualified.
Follow the BanglaDesh example.
The President is violating the Constitution after the passage of the 18th
amendment. He has no powers to act as the Chief Executive of the
Country. It is the prerogative of the PM.
The Public must be motivated to come out in the streets against the
corrupt & inefficient Govt & pressurize their Legislatures to quit Office.
Petitions can be filed against the Target killings & poor governance to
dismiss the Govt.
After the NRO has been struck down all actions including the Elections are also in fractious and thus the present Assemblies should be dissolved.


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