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April 7, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Elections, Corruption and Institutional Failure in Pakistan-Pak Tea House

Mr.Khan can be lauded for assimilating the shortcomings,fallacies & the corrupt practices of our Rulers since 1971.A keen follower of Politics of our country I can only summarize by saying that whether be it the Army Gens, Politicians, Bureaucrats or the Judges all have played a significant role in the State of Affairs of the Country to bring it to this miserable state.
The lion’s share of the cake goes to he PPP who have gave away half the country . Who have also   given away Kashmir by agreeing to the Status Quo. A party of rabbles, Dynastic Politics , Loot & Plunder , Hartals & causing Billions of Rupees loss to the Infrastructure by burning & pillaging. A Party who has been a security risk.

The bombs which have been dropped is only to divert attention from the loot & plunder of the present Govt. To divert attention to the miserable state the people of Pakistan are in. 

We don’t need Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s but Accountability to recover the money of the People of Pakistan  to run the State & get rid of this scoundrel’s once for all.

The first step is to get rid of the present Govt. It is not difficult, It is very easy. You need to have Intelligence , foresight & sincerity of purpose. 


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