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February 21, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Random thoughts

I have been going through in my mind as to what do we need at the moment to get out of the present situation.
1.Collect Tax from all Pakistanis’s who are earning over 3/3.5 lacs per annum as laid down for the Salaried Class irrespective of class, color or creed. I mean no Tax Holiday, No concession to Agriculturists IT sector or the likes of it. You need to sack all the corrupt in the FBR. Streamline Tax collection. Punish Defaulters.If Tax is collected across the Board then believe me we will not need any IMF or World Bank.
2. No Budget Deficit to be allowed. Cut Non-Development expenditure. Recover money from the looted on a Fast Track.
3. Chairman NAB to be the likes of Justice Ramdhay. Hang all the corrupt. It has been done in IRAN. You need an honest Govt. People of Integrity.Recover the money Internally & from Abroad. There are nearly 70-8o Billion Dollars stashed away in Swiss Banks.
4. In an Islamic State Nobody is above the Law. That includes the President.Enforce & Implement the Law.Article 227 is very clear. 248 & 45 have to go. Might be some more.
5. Reforms in the Police. You need to have Educated Police Officials as SHO’s and do away with the current lot of uncouth’s. They themselves look like offenders.
6. One Syllabus , One Standard for all in Education. Achieve 100% Literary. Answer to all our ills in Society.
7. Introduce Arabic as Compulsory Language to get rid of the Provincial divide.
8. Support the Afghan War of Liberation.
9. The US must leave immediately.
10. It will end the Terrorism in Pakistan. They will no more have safe Heavens in Afghanistan sponsored by the US.
11. Rapid Development of Infra Structure in Balochistan. Especially Roads, Health & Education to offset the propaganda by the Sardar’s & Nawab’s for an Independent Balochistan for enjoying more wealth & Affluence & keep the Baloch people poor,dirty & miserable. You have to be there to see for yourself in what a miserable condition are their followers.
12. Solve the problem of Electricity by bringing in all the available production units into operation. If the IPP’s do not behave then Nationalize them.Set up a Board to advise on the future production of Electricity by various means e.g Hydel ,Air & Solar.
13. Ban on all Hartals even if one has to declare State of Emergency. The poor suffer. Solve the genuine problems of the people by talking & Interaction.
14. Fair Elections through an Interim Govt after cleaning the mess.
15. Impartial ECP.
16. All the above can be achieved once this corrupt & moral less Govt is kicked out.

I can go on and on. Rise & shine my friends the time has come.


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