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February 19, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Signs of Qiyamat

SAMA & Donya TV: Can’t believe wat is happening in Pakistan a country tat took it’s birth 4 “La illaha Illa Allah” “A party organized for 100000 women by MQM” already the country is in such a bad state , the songs they were dancing on ” Piya ghar aya O’ Ram jee” An Indian song wit Hindo god’s name in it, And taking Khalifa Ali (ra) ‘s name in damadum must kalandur” making it into a song & dancing on it .Is this te Islam for which it was built?????? Astagfirullah.This is just inviting more Azab of Allah Tala. Phir co E Azab nazil honay say log raotay hain. It is really sad 😦

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