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February 10, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh Air
Once again justice has triumphed. All through the day the waiting was agonizing. Aitzaz Hasan threw all the weapons in his armory but the bench did not budge. Then he hit them below the belt, by reminding them of his association during the movement. Eulogizing the PM. How could he fall below his dignity & honor he had set for himself. All for a Seat in the Senate & eventually the Chairmanship.
The Contempt of Court was so crystal clear that no Lawyer in his sane mind would have taken the case. But, as they say every one has a price.
The next wave of fresh air was the verdict on the Memogate case. The Hon’able Judges did the right thing. The truth must come out. My compliments to Barrister Sheikh for holding his ground against Haqqani’s Lawyer(A loud mouth).Those who tried their level best to obstruct the truth must be livid with rage. Planning now as to how to save their skins.Asma Jehangir must be tearing her hair off(Not much to go by).
Then came the most scented waft of fresh air. The manner in which the SC Bench handled the Missing persons case.
We are finally by the Grace of Allah on the right track. Let all the Judgments auger well for the Country. Allah is Great.


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