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February 2, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

A breath of fresh Air

Today was a great day in the History of Pakistan. A triumph for Justice. It is a day of rejoicing for the people of Pakistan. For the poor, for the downtrodden, for the people who are living under the yolk of oppression & hunger. Their dimming eyes and tired bodies finally saw a ray of hope.  The Hon’able Judge’s ultimately redeemed themselves by giving a verdict which was long overdue. My felicitations to the Hon’able judges who against the tide of coercion, belligerence, corruption, target killings, terrorism, manipulations, dramas and  at the peril of their lives choose to call a spade a spade.


I am terribly and mostly pleased by the verdict because the Hon’able person heading the Bench is from my “Alma Mater” who upheld the motto of “Character is Destiny”. He did not buckle under the tirade let loose by the Media, by the arm twisting and variety of versions to clear the tainted Prime Minister of Pakistan. I always believed in the axiom that the “Fish rots from the Head”.


If we look at the History of this Government one has to hang its head in shame. The Charge Sheet is too long and paints a dismal picture of the bigotries of the Government.


Those who profess that this Government be given a chance to complete its tenure are the one’s who are involved in the loot & plunder and are hand in glove. The financial picture is so gruesome that with every passing day the blood of this Nation is being sucked. The Country is up for sale.


The Dynastic Government believes that it is only their right to Govern and towards this end they are ready to destroy & dismantle  this Islamic Republic of Pakistan as they did earlier in 1971.


To those who talk about a third Force taking over are again fooling the illiterate masses to continue their reign and again come to Power through the bogus votes as they did in the last Elections.


The Election to the Senate in March would again be the biggest blunder. Lets pray and hope that the Superior Judiciary  stops this election by a bogus Parliament voted in through bogus votes. It must dissolve this Assembly, Install a credible Interim Government which will take the following steps before calling for Fair & Transparent Elections.

a. Install an honest & capable Chairman of the Election Commission &  its members.

b. A reputable Chairman NAB. Get rid of all the corrupt and recover the looted money from within & abroad. 

c. Amend the Income Tax Laws. All citizens to be in the Tax bracket  who earn more than 3.5 lacs as is for the salaried class. No   discrimination. We shall have enough resources to run the country.

d. Look into the Energy crisis.

e.  Once we have the resources we must give relief to the common man  by reducing the Rates on POL & Electricity which runs the wheel of the Country.

 f. Reduce Government expenditure & expenditure on non-development  projects immediately.

 g.  Last but not the least Fair & Transparent Elections on a fresh voter list based on the CNIC.



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