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January 19, 2012 / khawjaimtiazalam

Who will Bell the Cat

The SC verdict today was most disappointing.The SC is following a Principle of Double Standards. An instant verdict for lesser mortals & delayed Verdict or no punishment or diluted punishment for the rich and VIP/VVIP’s.
This case has been lingering on for over a year. The Govt has employed all delaying tactics for the non- implementation of the NRO verdict. In other words protecting the Corrupt, thieves & looters. It is beyond comprehension as to why after all these days when the time came for a decision the SC once again shied away.When will it dispense justice to the 110 million people who are with the Supreme Court, this according to a News Article.
The blatant disrespect of Orders by the President & PM publicly leaves no doubt in the minds of any citizen that the Orders of the Court is being ridiculed and Contempt of Court has taken place. Why the delay in punishing them is beyond comprehension? If a common man utters one word of discontent even against a lower Court he is immediately thrown in the dock.
These people are supposed to be men of wisdom,honor & Character. Apart from the heavy responsibility on their shoulders they enjoy unlimited Powers & Perks. If they blatantly violate the Law then the Punishment must be more severe.The PM’s Protocol was unbelieving. Who is to foot the bill?
The position taken by the PM has been that the President enjoys Immunity under 248 & that is why the letter was not written.Is in’t the Court in the knowledge of this Article? Why did it pass such an Order?Is our PM & Attorney General so naive that they failed to question this Order in the first place.
Is the Constitution of the Islamic Republic a sham. Article 248 is Contradictory/against the essence of Article 2a & 227 where no Law can be enacted which is repugnant to the Quran & Sunnah.
Is the SC for dispensation of Justice or a protector of a corrupt Democracy.


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