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December 6, 2011 / khawjaimtiazalam

Poor Americans

I just heard Ron Paul on the Floor of the House. The US is engaged in a game of Hegemony over the World and spending it’s Taxpayer’s hard earned money for establishing itself as” The Master of the World”. Giving money to Governments & expecting it to run its affairs according to its own Dictates often against the voice of its own people.

It can win Heart’s and Mind’s by helping the Developing Countries from Poverty and downtrodden conditions by assisting in Projects to bring about Development. Creating Opportunities, jobs & Education.

The money spent in raining down bombs creates a Society who despise the US. Even back home that money can give the Americans better Health Care, Security and prosperity.

The American people are living in a nightmare of  fear. Always looking over their shoulder. They have  been duped to live in constant fear.

The Cartel which manufactures Military Arsenal is happy to keep the American people & World at large in the make believe fears of Al Qaida & the Taliban.

These rustic people with little or no Modern Technology cannot pierce the Security of the Homeland Security. It takes common sense to understand that people with little or no resources thousands of milesb away cannot strike at you.

Each Nation has to be afraid of their own people whom they persecute and prevail and drive them against the Wall to  stand up to such Pseudo Governments.

Can you believe that in a Developing Country like America people had to leave their Hearths & Homes in the twinkling of an eye an take shelter in Parks & Trailers due to the Recession brought about these needless Wars abroad.

When will the American people realize that Their representative in Parliament do not represent the aspirations of the People of the United States. They must raise their voice to quit the needless occupation of Countries like Afghanistan & Iraq & Others.



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